Postgraduate Sociology and Education

Advanced Issues and Methods in Educational Action Research

Critical Pedagogy and Curriculum Design

Critical Perspectives on Education

Critical Research in the Social Sciences

Critical Social Theory and Education

Developing Research: Philosophical Paradigms and Perspectives

Doctoral Seminar in Education: Research Keywords

Doctoral Seminar in Education: Critical Social Theory and Education

Doctoral Writing Seminar

Education and Social Justice

Introduction to Action Research in Education

Research Keywords

Social Theory and Social Change

Sociology of Education


Undergraduate Sociology and Social Theory

Academic Writing for Social Scientists

Classical Social Theory

Contemporary Social Theory

Culture, Power and Communication

Gender and Sexuality

Historical Sociology

Introduction to Social Research

Introduction to Sociology

Knowledge, Meaning and Morality

Personal Lives and Public Policy

Popular Culture

Qualitative Research Methods

Situated Knowledges

Sociological Imagination

Sociology of Culture

Sociology of Science


Popular (informal and co-operative) higher education

Co-operative Education

Know-How: Do-It-Ourselves Higher Education

The Social Science Imagination


International (postgraduate and postdoctoral)

Doing Qualitative Social Research (Central Asia Research and Training Initiative, Kyrgyzstan, 2013)

Culture and Power: Critical Theories of Domination, Resistance and Possibility (Central Asia Research and Training Initiative, Kyrgyzstan, 2012)

Concepts and Maps of Society in Social Theory (Central Asia Research and Training Initiative, Kyrgyzstan, 2008)

Critical Sociology of Knowledge (Open Society Institute, Kyrgyzstan, 2007)

Philosophies of Social Research (Central Asia Research and Training Initiative, Kyrgyzstan, 2007)