Conferences/workshops organised

Education and the Future, stream co-organised with Keri Facer, First International Conference on Anticipation (UNESCO and University of Trento), Trento, 5–7 November 2015

Prefiguring Democratic Education, University of Lincoln, 8 May 2014

Free, Co-Operative, Higher, Education, Mint Lane Involvement Centre, Lincoln, May 2013

Critical Pedagogy as Philosophy and Praxis, Coventry University, December 2012

Sustaining Alternative Universities, Oxford Community Centre, with J. Lazarus, December 2012

Doing and Undoing Academic Labour, University of Lincoln, June 2012

Teaching in Further and Higher Education, Lincoln Drill Hall, March 2012

Reimagining Education: What is Critical Pedagogy? Space Project, Leeds, October 2011

New Activism, Old Politics? Student Reaction to HE Crisis, Aston University, September 2010

Podcasting Critical Pedagogy and Popular Education, AstonUniversity, July 2009

Politics, Democracy, Pedagogy, C-SAP Critical Pedagogy and Popular Education Group, Coventry University, February 2009.

Popular education in Venezuela: shared experiences in participatory democracy, Kingston University, February 2008.

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