What can faculty association do?

Higher Education for a Democratic Society (Part II) Report from Future U: Creating the Universities We Want A conference of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations 27–28 February 2014 In attendance at the Future U conference were many people who not only believe in the transformative power of higher education and its importance for […]

On the birth of Argos Aotearoa

So pleased to announce the publication of Issue No. 1 of Argos Aotearoa, a new journal out of New Zealand whose special issue The University Beside Itself has published my first co-writing project with my dad, Mark Amsler: ‘Imagining Unthinkable Spaces’. Early conversations on the importance of intergenerational analyses of neoliberalisation… ‘Argos aims to circulate writing about […]

On co-operation and radical democracy in/for education

It has been nearly impossible to keep pace with Significant Things Happening in education in recent weeks. This may be due to my inability to filter the floods of information and analysis which are now continuously created in our hyper-reflexive ‘attention economy’ of public writing. Or due to a stuckness in negotiating the dissonance between […]